I got some fabulous suggestions for names of the coffee house. Seriously, makes me want to go open one! Right now I'm just sifting through the suggestions and trying to figure out which one fits my story. You all don't have the benefit of seeing the script yet, or knowing where the story goes from here, but trust me when I say there are several of your ideas that will work. I just need to settle on one. I'll keep you posted.

I can't believe that I have been writing this script for 7 days! Of course, I did a ton of work on it before I actually started writing. I thought I would share some of my favorite writing tips and resources with you. 

My #1 TIP: WRITE. There are a bajillion resources on how to write. Google 'writing' and see for yourself. And while many of them are great, I have found that the best way to learn how to write well is to just...well....WRITE! Whether it's in a journal or an online blog or a secret file on your computer, writing is the best way to become a good writer. I've seen so many of us who spend a ton of time buying the right computers, setting up our desk, buying office supplies, reading the best blogs, having coffee with other writers, attending conferences and workshops, buying all the right books and belonging to all the right clubs.. and yet, we rarely sit down and actually write. So WRITE. You won't regret it.

And while I've read some awesome things about writing, there are 3 resources I keep coming back to while I'm working on this particular project.
1. The Script Frenzy website. It is full of great ideas about anything you can dream of.
2. Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. It's specifically for screenwriting and I carry it around with me like a huge nerd. I'm not even kidding. But this book has been a lifesaver. He also wrote a followup book which is great too, but I don't carry that one around.
3. The Screenwriter's Bible. As a follower of Christ, I cringed at the title of this workbook. But the content is excellent and it has been invaluable regarding format.

So there you have it. I'm going to keep WRITING. 
Thanks for coming along.


  1. I took a college writing course in high school and my professor used to make us just write whatever popped into our heads for like 20 min. If we couldn't think of what to write, we wrote "I don't know what to write" until something else popped into our heads. This made my writing SO MUCH BETTER!!! So much good came out of the randomness sometimes! Anyways, just reminded me of your tip 1 :) Loving your blog!


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