Day 9 of 30 and the script is coming along nicely. I'm still in the phase where we're getting to know the characters and setting up the plot so that we can mess everything up. Sergio came to life. He sang Foreigner's 'I want to know what love is' in public to Violet. And Samson joined him for the chorus. It is turning out to be a pretty fun scene. We're getting ready to meet Mr. Perfect soon. :)
But I wanted you all to know the coffee shop now has a name. And the name of the coffee shop is...(drumroll please)... DEJA BREW
I picked this name because it's catchy, easy to say and almost everyone knows what it means. It also has a little 'mysterious' feel to it. There is a twist at the end (I won't spoil it for you... yet) that is perfect for this name. A big THANK YOU to my friend Markay from Yreka California. Markay used to own her own fabulous cafe and told me that if she ever has the chance to open another one, this is what she would call it. So in my coffee house scenes, Markay is the barista.
Some of the other great shop names that were suggested might just turn up in the town bookstore, restaurant and pub. Stay tuned.
Happy Saturday!


  1. YAY! Good song choice, Jenna! ;-)

  2. Oh goodness...should I admit that I blast that song in my car with the top down? Oh what the heck...I'm not ashamed :)

  3. Like the choices...enjoying the journey!!


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