In the last couple of weeks I've:

Spent a wonderful Mother's Day in Redding and saw almost my entire family in one day
Almost blew out a tire over the Siskiyous
Broke down on the freeway on the way to work
Met a very nice Oregon State Trooper who told me I can't have a tea party on the freeway, just so I would stop crying and laugh at him
Figured out how to get my car's accelerator 'unstuck'
Got a disturbing phone call
Met some nice Paramedics and Firemen
Followed an ambulance to the hospital
Laughed hysterically at my 16 year old son on morphine
Learned what a tibial plateau is and what happens when someone fractures it
Met some amazing doctors and nurses
Realized a child can in fact develop a blood clot, and it is extremely painful
Spent a couple of nights sleeping on a fold out bed in a hospital room
Met some more excellent doctors and nurses
Not had to cook any meals for over a week, thanks to wonderful friends
Missed Ethan and Evan more than ever
Fallen asleep listening to Allie and Ellis sing "Sweet Home Alabama" at the top of their lungs, laughing like loons
Climbed Tablerock with one of my favorite people on the planet
Celebrated the first birthday of a cute redhead
Been reminded of how much I love my husband
Enjoyed a nice dinner with my family in a noisy restaurant, eating delicious food
Hugged my mom and dad

Welp. That's a brief overview. I've probably missed some stuff. But now you know why the Blogation hasn't had any updations in a while. :)


  1. ok, so now the next year will be boring. you've had your fill :)


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