Sitting here in the San Francisco Airport, hanging out until our flight. 25 of us made it through security, and every one of us checked a trunk or box full of supplies and food. In about an hour we catch a flight to Miami and then on to Haiti! I crammed all of our video equipment and cords into one bag, and managed to fit the laptop in my backpack. I'm all set.
One of the things I've loved so far is getting to know some of the people on our team a little better. Long bus rides will do that. :)
I've been thinking about the many families represented here. We all have so many stories to tell, and someday this trip will be one of them. I find myself wondering what it will feel like to step off of that airplane and see Haiti for the first time.

My friend Jonalyn was brave enough to eat airport sushi. Yeah. I don't think so.


  1. My heart started patting faster when I saw that you'd updated your blog from San Fran International. My world is very small right now with my sweet little infant girl (which I'm SO enjoying), but it's so exciting to hear about your big WIDE adventure! I'm thrilled for all of you, and loved seeing you all at Starbucks in Redding this morning (and having your dad pray was such an added gift). I'm so proud of you and excited to see what God is doing in your life, in all of your lives.
    I love you!!!

  2. Jonalyn is CRAZY!!
    So glad to hear you are safe in Haiti! Love you lots!!


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