They come in by ones and twos, cuddle up on my floor and furniture, chatting about finals, boys and things that happened today. They laugh, cry, play with my hair, eat my food, and make me smile. On Monday nights I forget how tired I am. On Monday nights I'm reminded how hard it is to be 16. On Monday nights I get to sit next to beautiful girls that may someday be wives, mothers, employees, business owners, doctors, missionaries, teachers. I get to know their hearts in these last fragile years before they head out into the wild world. These girls are awesome. And I pray for them. I pray they'll catch a vision of all that is possible. I pray they will remember where to run in the hard times. I pray they can see themselves how I see them, or better yet, how He sees them. I pray they will live wild stories. And every Monday night, I remember how much I love being a small group leader.


  1. That's awesome. Your prayers do more than you'll probably ever even know. I just happened upon your blog from another one, but it was refreshing to hear your heart for those girls.


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