Weird and Wonderful

We spent last weekend at the Oregon coast. There are so many things about the weekend that will stay with me, but I've been really thinking about our trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. And all day today I thought about one creature that I saw. It wasn't the cute little otters eating lunch while floating on their backs. It wasn't the sea lions swimming so close to the underwater glass I felt like I could almost touch them. It wasn't the amazing crazy looking fish, or the octopus or even the sharks swimming above my head. It was the jellyfish.

Weird, right? But seriously, the jellyfish just amazed me. I couldn't stop staring. So beautiful and intricate, the way they moved and floated through the tanks. Words escape me. And then there were the seahorses. They made me just stop and stare. In my wildest dreams I could never dream up something so weird and wonderful. And I was thinking tonight about the creativity of God. The colors, the crazy way all of the parts are put together. Even people. And I just love that about Him. He dreams so much bigger and crazier and more beautifully than I can. And somehow, everything fits. Everything is designed for a purpose. Even you. Even me.


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