I was thinking this morning about how much my life has been impacted by the recent trip I took to Haiti. I was gone 8 days and went to one country, and it rocked my world.

Today I want to introduce you to Katie Way. I first read about Katie's heartbreaking and inspiring story that was featured on Krystle's blog HERE.

Katie is on a great adventure. She is part of a team that will be visiting (and camping out in) 11 countries in the next 11 months.
I've followed her blog for a while now, and I've watched in facination as she packed her stuff and prepared for departure. How in the world do you decide what to take if you're leaving home for 11 months??? (Besides wet wipes, duh.)

Hard core. Inspiring. Fascinating. Want to know what she packed? Or where she is? Check out Katie's blog HERE.

Her faith will inspire you.


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