I've always been fascinated with people who can carry stuff on their head. I was not born with the gift of headbalancing awesomeness. I also cannot breakdance, whisper to animals, or burp the alphabet. In fact there are a gazillion things that don't come naturally to me.

In Haiti I saw women and men carrying a variety of crazy stuff on their head. One lady was carrying a colossal mass of bananas on her head. Barefoot. Up a mountain path. With a big waterjug. And a machete (awesome) in her purse.

And another gal was carrying a massive basket on her head through a crowded street. And it was filled with chickens. Live chickens. And they didn't try to get out. Maybe she was a chicken whisperer.

Oh, and this one guy was carrying chairs on his head. But not stacked up like I might carry them. They were all branchy. Like a tree.

Everywhere I looked people were carrying stuff on their head. It's a pretty normal thing in Haiti. And I suppose that if I had to walk everywhere, and go banana hunting to feed my kids, I would probably own a machete (awesome) and I would carry stuff on my head. Not because it was my gift, but because it was survival. This is reality in her world.

In my world, I don't get up in the morning and pack up my machete (awesome) and head to a banana tree and get to work. Instead I get up, pack my lunch and head to my gray cubicle and get to work. Because that is reality in my world.

And I was wondering today what she would write about if she drove through the streets of Medford, Oregon. And I was also wondering if it's weird that I kinda would like to have a machete.



  1. I was kinda thinking its weird that you would want to carry around a machete, but then always living in a house full of men, which I totally understand, I can totally see how that would be totally "awesome" it!

  2. Great post, I love how you were able to bring me as a reader, who is completely detached from your life in this moment, into the reality of what it was like walking through Haiti. Then bringing us back to life as we know it, cubicles and phones and bag lunches.

    Well done!

  3. Don't worry - I can't balance anything atop my head, either. I also can't drink from any sort of bottle while walking. I need to stop altogether and take a sip of my water so that I don't spit up all over myself. It's way harder than it looks.

    Great post, man! I love the way you described the contrasting lifestyles.


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