If you've been following my blog, you know I recently went to Haiti as part of a construction team for the Nazarene church. (You can read more about 'Work and Witness' teams here.) 
We also helped unpack the Pettit family, who recently relocated there from Medford. They're the new Work and Witness coordinators for Haiti. In Haiti, churches are not just places of worship. They are vital to the safety and well being of a community when disaster strikes.
This video is what we showed in our home church in Medford on Sunday. It's basically a quick overview of the construction part of the trip. (The background music is from the live CD our band just released.) At the end of the recap video is a fun, short 'movie trailer' highlighting a longer video that we'll be releasing this fall.
Please pray for us as we put the finishing touches on the production. What a ride this has been! I've loved every second of it. The Haitian people are awesome and beautiful.


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