In Haiti if you want to get somewhere,
and you don't have a car,
and you don't want to walk,
you take a TAXI.

No, not this kind of taxi.

In Haiti they call them TAP TAPs. They are little pickup trucks with cage-like campers on the back, and they pack like 30 people into them. It's crazy.
I heard they call them Tap Taps because that's what you do to let the driver know you want a ride. You tap on the truck. I'm not sure if that's true. I can't imagine he could even hear you.

My friend Steve who lives over there saw a pregnant lady get bounced out of the back of a Tap Tap the other day. Horrible.

But if you have to get somewhere, this is mainly how people do it.

Another option is a motorcycle taxi. They charge per person, so it makes sense for them to carry as many people as possible, all at once. You can imagine the chaos with these weaving in and out of traffic.

This pic shows 5 people, but the most we saw was 6.
6 people on a motorcycle.
For real.

I'm working really hard this weekend on the first Haiti video. This one will be a "recap" of sorts, a short few minutes to give an overview of our trip. 7+ hours of footage down to a few minutes. How in the world will I do this? I have no blooming idea.

But stay tuned....by the end of the month the first video will be posted right here!


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