A few years ago I met my daughter. For those of you who are new here, I said goodbye to her when I was 16. I was faced with a tough decision, and I chose life for her. Allie grew up in Southern California, the daughter of two awesome parents. Well, fast forward a couple of decades, and Allie Senterfitt stepped off a plane in little Medford Oregon to meet me; her birth mom. It was so strange and wonderful to look into the face of someone else and see bits and pieces myself. And that goodbye I said to her so many years ago was suddenly answered with a hello that somehow made everything okay. Today we laughed and chatted on Skype. We were laughing because we were drinking from the exact same coffee cup. 2000 miles away (she's in Haiti) and we pick the same coffee cup from the cupboard. My heart is full. And I am so grateful. Happy 24th Birthday, little one. I can't believe I'm that old. ;)


  1. For starters, you aren't THAT old and for finishers, I just want to say that you are a good woman, Jenna! Even back in the day, I loved spending time with you and your family...sharing vicariously your life through technology is such a gift!

    You done good, girl!

  2. Such an awesome day and God is so darn good!! LOVE IT!

  3. From the moment I woke up this morning I wondered what this day would have in store for you??? I see that it is filled with wonderful new memories and I love it. Have an awesome day my friend.

  4. dear Jenna, if u read this please call me.
    heres my phone number 078642633
    i really need to talk with you now!


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