Welp. Right now I'm cozied up on my favorite couch. Catching up on blogs and news. Reading a great book. In sweats. On a Thursday morning, which would normally be AWESOME. Today, not so much. Later on today I'm having surgery. It is planned to be an outpatient procedure and I should be home by tonight, but I haven't had anything to drink since midnight and my surgery isn't until 1:30pm! 
Sheesh I'm thirsty.
I'm SO THIRSTY.  THIRSTY THIRSTY. And everytime I want to get up and drink a big glass of water, it makes me think. And pray. In fact, I'm praying in a way I never have before.
You see, I'm working with an exceptional team on this really great project. And we're getting ready to launch it very soon. It's called the HAITI WATER PROJECT.
1 in 8 kids in Haiti will not live to see their 5th birthday.
1 in 8. That is so hard for me to grasp. As a mother, I can't imagine giving water to my child that I know might make them sick, but having no other choice.
I've been to Haiti. I've seen the devastation and poverty first hand. I've seen the hopelessness and the desperation. But I've also seen the people. I've watched children play and laugh. I've watched their parents sing and smile and work hard.
Haiti is a land of great possibilities.
In the days to come, I'll be sharing more details about the HAITI WATER PROJECT. Basically, in the month of November, we will be raising enough money to build a well in Haiti. And the kids of the Rogue Valley will be leading the way in the fundraising effort.
This well will transform a community and impact hundreds of children and their families. 
And on December 2nd, we'll announce the results.
Are you ready for a great adventure?


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