I've spent the last couple of months working on important projects, spending time with my family and enjoying the holidays. My poor Blogation has been very neglected.
This morning is one of those times when I've found myself with a delightful little slice of silence, a good cup of coffee and a sublime playlist.  A colorful pile of 365 days is behind me, waiting to be sorted and analyzed. 2012 is stretching out before me just waiting to be pondered and planned. I'm taking this moment to think and pray and just hang out with some powerful words and thoughts.

If you could change/adjust some things this year, what would they be?

Here are some words I'm thinking about, in no particular order.

1. Music. I love music. I'm going to make sure there is more of it in my life this year.
2. Create. When I don't create, I wither. I'm going to be more intentional about being creative.
3. Sharpen. I'm going to narrow my schedule and my focus. When I'm spread thin, no one wins. I'm going to be deliberate about scheduling time to build and practice certain skills. I'm going to learn new things.
4. Be still. All day, every day, the spaces in my life are filled with lovely chatter. It drowns out the most important voices. I'm going to intentionally unplug and be quiet more often.
5. Investment. I'm evaluating how I invest myself: my time, my heart, my resources. I will invest more.

What about you? What's on your short list for 2012?

Find a quiet slice of time, a hot cup of something delicious and spend some intentional moments thinking about it.

I'm back! And I'm already working on my next post.... ;)


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