I know that most of the time my posts are updations about wicked pigs, machetes and getting pitty ,
but sometimes I like to introduce you to people that inspire me.
Well---meet Lindsay. I swear the moment I met this girl I liked her.

Struggling with FEAR in your life much? Know someone who does?
Head on over to THE FEARLESS EXPERIMENT and check her out.
Her Wednesday videos are compelling, authentic and often hilarious. She teams up with a couple of pals to provide daily content that is thought-provoking, inspiring and candid.
Plus, she's already picked up the word 'pitty' (a family tradition) and used it in a blog post.
Gotta love that.
If you're in the Southern Oregon area, there are a couple of events coming up you might want to check out. (I'm heading over to her 'Fight Night' on Monday.)

So go on. Go meet her. You gotta love a girl who posts stuff like this:


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