Yesterday I posted about Evan coming home. I've been overwhelmed by our friends and family who have messaged, texted and called with words of encouragement and kindness. So awesome. Thank you.
What I didn't tell you yesterday is how Evan is getting back to Oregon.
On Wednesday night his daddy flew out to Nashville, and yesterday at 6pm they hit the road in Evan's truck. Now I don't want Evan to be mad at me, because he loves his truck, but David said when he got there it wasn't travel-worthy. So they had some work done on the brakes, repaired the spare tire, did something with the fan belt (or some kind of belt) and did something else with the transmission.
Anyway, they also did what any smart traveler would do: they loaded up on water, junk food and good music and headed west.
This morning they're in Nebraska. They called home and were laughing about chaos in Missouri and the fact that with all the junk food they should probably stop and buy some toilet paper for emergencies. Apparently Evan's GPS has found roads that don't even show on David's atlas, but they're making pretty good time.
The next time I talk to them, I'm going to ask them if they've made any 'Rules for the Road' yet.
My Dad took a long trip several summers ago, and he came up with 5 golden rules.
I was wondering what my rules would be. I'm going to have to give that some thought.
Do you have any RULES FOR THE ROAD?
Stay tuned for updates on the great road trip to Oregon! Happy Friday!


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