"Amateurs waste their time trying to be creative." -Jeff Goins

Welp. This is Day 6 in the Great Writers series.

I'm not much of a TV watcher. And I'm pretty selective about movies.
But words? Give me words and ideas and new thoughts and I can be up all night devouring them.
Great writers have influenced and shaped the way I write.
Great moments have driven me to ponder and wrestle and put pen to paper.
Listening, watching, translating truths from the ordinary moments of life; this is where creativity comes from. I cannot create in a void. I cannot dream in deserted darkness.
I need people and their words and their bravery and their quirky selves to pop up and inspire me. I need mystery and conflict and peace that passes understanding. I need quotes that stop me in my tracks. I need beauty that makes me speechless.

And so it seems that great art is found in the lovely mess of  humanity, where we steal from the beauty and devastation around us and patch together something all together new. We are curators of inspiration. It is ironic. You can piece together the stolen, and wind up creating an original. Amazing.

"Good artists copy. Great artists steal." -Pablo Picasso



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