Stephen King calls it 'Killing your little darlings'. It means getting rid of the junk that gets in the way of good writing.

My two goals for today:

1. CLEAN MY WORKSPACE. This really won't be a problem for me, since there is a 19 year old now sleeping in my office. My workspace is a big comfy chair and a toasty blanket. Just how I like it.
However, if you looked at my computer/email files you would see why I need to take some time to organize. I settled in to work on a piece this morning and couldn't find it in any of my files. Time to declutter!

2. CLEAN MY WORDS. Kick the fluff to the curb. Remove all unnecessary words and phrases. Get rid of words like "that" and "things". In the words of Jeff Goins, "Say what you need to say and be done with it."

So here I go! I'm off to kill 'em. Kill 'em all.

Is there anything in your own life you need to clean up? Here's to killing the clutter!


  1. If we kill all the clutter, what then, when we feel particularly lazy, will think about "to do" later? :) I am enjoying reading your blog, and even though I am not a writer, so much applies to basic living--really living!

    If it isn't beautiful, useful, or captivating your heart, get rid of it...we can harbor pretty stuff and things we actually use, and we should hang on to the things that have special memories attached to them. Every thing else, then, is a little darling, wouldn't you say? :)

    Time to move all those piles of stuff I don't have to have in my house out to storage...but it is so hot outside!!! (see? my lazy is showing!)

    I love you!


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