Today is DAY 4 of the GREAT WRITERS series.
Today is about PRACTICE.
Not the "rehearsal" kind of practice, but the kind of practice that musicians and boxers and lion tamers do. Like this guy, who is wearing an ominous Luke Skywalker glove thing and is puckering up for a juicy french lion kiss. Yuck! Or as the French say - 'Beurk!'
Can you imagine what lion breath smells like?

Anyway,  Jeff Goins has challenged us to do some things to practice like we're serious; practice things that scare us.

I think I'm serious.

So, we'll see where this goes.

When was the last time YOU practiced something like you were serious? What's one thing you could practice today that scares you? What are you waiting for?
Rawwwrrrrr. Be a lion tamer.


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