This is the LAST DAY of the GREAT WRITERS series. I didn't blog about every day, but if you want to know what you missed you can check it out here.

The final day is about serving others by writing.
1. Solve Problems
2. Answer Questions
3. Help people

I'm trying to figure out how I can do that. Any ideas? Shoot me a comment or message.

Working on some things----stay tuned!


  1. I have had an idea about writing a column for our local news paper. Sort of a Dear Abby kind of thing. The thing is, the things I think people ought to know or at least think about are kind of deep, or maybe emotionally tough. I am not so sure the column would be received well. And then I thought about sharing stories and "old wives tales" of the things our mothers and grandmothers taught us that we have carried with us. And always, in my mind, I remember that every truth has its root in God's word--usually in Proverbs or one of Jesus' parables--so that would be a good anchor for the column. I started a book of inspirational quotes, truths if you will, and have neglected it for over a year. I was thinking that a self published item would be a nice gift to a friend for their birthday with a coffee cup full of Kisses! Call me crazy or lazy--they both fit! I love what you are doing...

  2. Brooke! I love this. I would love to see some of your writing.


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