GREAT WRITERS SHARE OTHER'S WORK! That was today's lesson for Day 10.

Some people watch TV to start their day, some people read the paper, some log on to Facebook to get caught up on life.

Me? I read blogs.

And today I'm going to share a few of them with you that you might not know about. I don't have time or space to share them all, so I picked a few that show you the wide range of goodness that's out there.

JEFF GOINS - The guy who is orchestrating this '15 days' adventure for me. Awesome.

BLAINE HOGAN - Artistic and creative, he's one that I look to who pushes the boundaries of creativity in the church.

HEATHER PEPIN - Photographer, blogger, world traveler. This girl took pictures in Greece last year that left my heart pounding. She's taking another journey this summer. You can be sure I'll be checking this blog out daily. Here's one of her shots from Santorini.

THE HOBBIT BLOG - Yes, I'm one of those. I can't wait for the movie to come out and I watch every single production video they put out. Watching them build the sets and interviews with the director? Yes please.

SHAUN GROVES - Singer, songwriter, the reason I now sponsor a 'Compassion' child, and all around creative guy. His latest post was about turning your kid's artwork into computer illustration. Awesome.

KRYSTLE - Budding photographer, strong blogger and mom of 3 gorgeous boys, Krystle always has something interesting to say. Her recent post about "Mommy Fail" had me laughing because it brought back so many memories of being a mom with little ones. You don't have to be a mom of multiples to appreciate what she has to say.

THE PETTIT FAMILY - Follow the adventures of a missionary family in Haiti. Sometimes they even let their kids blog. Never a dull moment!

COPYBLOGGER - Hands down some of the best advice in the business.

JON ACUFF - Author, speaker, blogger. This guy makes me laugh. He also does another blog called "Stuff Christians Like" that cracks me up. His book QUITTER knocked my socks off.

BAY BAKER - She's a designer, blogger and publishes her own online fashion magazine. And she's only 19 years old.

PEDALS AND PENCILS - Alicia is a teacher who is spending part of her summer in Uganda teaching children to write their stories. Powerful stuff.

ALLIE - She's my daughter and she's awesome.

THE FEARLESS EXPERIMENT - It's exactly what it sounds like. I guest-posted on this blog last week. Lindsay and her tribe are amazing women.

Oh heck. There are so many more blogs I follow, I might do another post to highlight them all.

Enjoy! Please visit these bloggers and let them know what you think of their work. Comments are an awesome way to encourage someone.

And, I have another awesome blogger that will be guest posting on the Blogation this week! Stay tuned!


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