Just warning you now. July is gonna get weird.
Remember the time I wrote a movie script? Or my trip to Haiti? Or the month I did my birthday challenge? Or even more recently, when I did the Great Writer's challenge?
Yeah, it's kind of like that. Except more uncomfortable.
Well, uncomfortable for me. Probably highly entertaining for my friends.

So...I'm putting the details together this week.
Here are some things I'm asking myself:

What's my favorite material possession?
What would it look like if I gave it up for a month?
What lengths will I go to in order to 'knock myself off balance'?
What have I been putting off?
What does it mean to be still and focus and live passionately?
How can I live my dream and still keep my day job?
What am I missing?
and the list goes on....

I'll try to make more sense tomorrow.
Just know that July is gonna get weird.


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