COMPASSION. Do I see it in my every day life? Do I consider myself a compassionate person?

Remember my 15 day challenge with Jeff Goins?
His new book WRECKED comes out in a few weeks. If you visit his website HERE you can actually sign up and download the first 30 pages for free. DO IT.

I did.

Here's a thought from Wrecked, in my own words.

How do I define Compassion?
I thought of it as being moved to help someone, to serve them, to give to them, to be present with them in a tough situation.
I thought of the Compassion Bloggers who travel to far away countries and tell compelling stories.
Compassion is lovely, beautiful - right?

Com - means together
passion (pati) - to suffer

Wait, what? Compassion means to suffer together?

When was the last time I suffered with someone?

I can't remember.


  1. That's interesting that "pati" means "to suffer." I'd like to think, if people come together, that the suffering is lessened... Maybe we can think of "com" like modifier that reduces the suffering that "pati" implies!


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