"I'm just not athletic." This has been one of the anthems of my life.

Let's pretend every day you had to put on a HELLO-type nametag. Let's pretend everyone did. Mine would usually say "I'm just not athletic." Ok well today it might be 'OMG. The Hobbit is going to be 3 movies.'
But still.

Growing up, my sister was the athletic one and I was the creative one, and I embraced that statement. Oh sure, I was on sports teams but no one (especially me) took me seriously. Ever.

And I must admit I love watching the Olympics for the stories as much as for the athletic feats. And the commercials. There have been some great ones this year. Like this one.

As an adult if you ask me to get up before sunrise to craft a blog post, I'm all over it. Like 4:30am all over it. Because I'm creative. It's what I do. It influences the way I live and relax and relate.
But ask me to get up before work and exercise? Surely you jest. Because I'm not athletic. It's just not my thing. Another bowl of ice cream? A nap? Drive to the mailbox? Yes, please. Walk up that hill? Get my heart rate up? Actually run? Get pitty? Surely you jest.

But here's the thing.  I'm just not athletic has now turned in to I'm just not healthy.

I recently went to a one day fitness retreat featuring Lu Crenshaw, and she shared about how she would use the "I'm just not..." statement as an excuse in her relationships. She asked what our "I'm just not..." statement was. I came away with the realization that I've embraced my not athletic self, and I've ignored my body's need for good fuel, exercise and active adventures. I've allowed my not athletic self to sit on the sidelines and be limited by what my neglected muscles can do. I've used the statement I'm just not athletic as an excuse.

Have you used an "I'm just not..." statement in your life as an excuse? Maybe it's an "I'm just..." statement. Maybe you've said it for so long it's become part of your identity.

Maybe it's time to throw it out.

Just sayin'.

Whatever it looks like, whatever it is - THROW IT OUT. 
And if you decide to throw it out, let us all know about it.

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." 
- CS Lewis

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  1. Exercise makes me hurt. My muscles scream the day after...who needs it? I guess I do too. We are climbing Cahuilla Mountain tomorrow with a bunch of friends/kids...it has only been beckoning for eight years. Bout time, right? You are not alone in your boat of "I'm just not..." because with most things that I don't want to do (because of the time it takes or maybe how I might feel after), I'm just not motivated to _________ ( just put anything in there and it will probably be right!)

    I am hearing you and taking a sort of sideways glance at my life right now...

  2. ahhhhhh I love this sister! Love... I always say... "I'm just not warm and fuzzy.... I just can't be fluffy" but I can and I think while being real and raw is great a lot of the time there is nothing wrong with being soft spoken and lovely... I think I say "I'm just not" because I'm afraid I can't be... thank you for this... YOU ARE AMAZING!


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