Happy Birthday Ellis

When he was a little boy, I used to wake him up in the mornings by putting my hand on his cheek.
These days things are busy. Our days are a blur, and between school and his job at Starbucks he's not home much anymore. He sets his own alarm, and some days he is out of the house before I'm even out of the shower.
I stood in the doorway of his room this morning, looking at the boy who is now a man. He was just waking up, and he was smiling because today he is a legal adult. I sat on the side of his bed and slipped my hand up to his cheek.
It's No-Shave November.
How did the round faced baby boy I brought home from the hospital turn into this guy with facial hair and his own bank account? When did this happen?
It's the heartbreak of mothers everywhere; you raise them to become awesome people and magically they grow up a little at a time and then one morning you sit on the side of their bed and try to figure out what you're going to do with yourself now that your kids don't really need you anymore. whew. I had to get that all out.
My grown-up boys are teaching me how to be a mom of grown-ups. It's hard. But I'm learning.
Ellis, I am so proud of the man you are today.
Dream big dreams, and then when you're done---dream bigger.
I love you more than words. Happy 18th Birthday.


  1. Wow its just crazy!!...he is an awful handsome young man and you have done an awesome job being their mom :)


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