This is Emily. She's four. We share the same last name, and she calls me Aunt Jenna.

Last weekend she coached me on some things:
  • Tic-tac-toe is best when played in the dirt with sticks. (Be creative. Use what you have.)
  • Never be too busy to stop and feed your horse a dandelion. (Give to others.)
  • Sometimes you just have to take a minute and play in the sand box. (Take time to have fun.)
  • No counter is too high for a short girl with mad climbing skills. (Don't give up because it's out of your reach. Find a way.)
  • Big bottoms are good because you don't have to hold yourself up to keep from falling in the toilet. And they look good. (Our bodies are a gift and they're beautiful.)
  • Sometimes asking more than once and smiling sweetly and saying pretty please actually works. (Don't give up easily.)
  • Gathering eggs for breakfast is an adventure. (Find ways to make work fun.)
  • Long white gloves and cowgirl boots go with any outfit. (If you love it, wear it. PERIOD.)
  • A fort is best when stocked with root beer and a good book. (Everyone needs a 'fort' of some kind. Get away and be quiet.)
  • Pretending you have no teeth is a great way to sing the alphabet. (Take time to be silly in your everyday life.)
  • A sofa-jumping session is good for the soul. (Your body was made to move. Don't just sit there!)
  • Dramatic sobbing makes you feel better. (Just let it out, baby. Tears can be a gift.)
Feeling stressed out? Depressed? Lazy? Insecure? Overwhelmed? 
Go find yourself a 4-year-old life coach.  

 Sorry, Emily's not available. I've booked her for the next several weekends.


  1. So TRUE and beautifully stated Sweet Sister ! !
    Emily ADORES her Aunt Jenna...the Best Fort Designer and Tale-Tellin' Soul out there...
    These precious memories are sure to bring about many smiles in the years to come ;-)
    Please keep us posted on your future weekend discoveries with your Life Coach! !
    (We can ALL use a good chuckle and tender reminder now and then, eh? )


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