This is my friend 'Annie'. I'm not sure about the sketchy character next to her, but it's rumored to be her man. :)

A while back Annie decided to stop talking about ways she could change the world.
She decided to live out her faith and find out what it means to just LOVE.

She and the big guy started doing stuff like hanging out with homeless people at Hawthorne Park. They would grab a few friends and as she tells it, "put on a spread".  And she isn't talking about hot dogs and cheap coffee. This is how she describes it: 

The Gospel Spread (nice name eh?) is about showing Jesus' love to a hurting world. I want to "put on a spread" as my foodie family would say, each week, like I would for my own family. I want to meet Jesus in the park and serve him with the best food, the best hospitality, and the best smile. I want to lavish love on Him through thoughtful cooking and conversation, Martha Stewart style. Whatever we do for the least of these, we do for Jesus.

 Yesterday Annie heard about this.

And today Annie bundled up both of her babies, collected gifts and money from her friends, 
and headed to the hospital with her pal Angela. 
They both pestered hospital staff until they were allowed to see Mr. Singleton.

Today Annie delivered 2 backpacks full of good stuff to a guy who is in agony. 
They met his Grandma. They met his nurse. 
And they showed Mr. Singleton he is loved and he matters.  

Today I learned what it looks like to just LOVE. 
Even if it's uncomfortable.
Even if it's awkward.

Today Annie told me she got to spread the love of Jesus...just like peanut butter.
Just LOVE.


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