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Dear Jenna,

I'm writing to you about THAT day. It's coming. You know the one. The one that involves slamming doors and heavy sighs and burning eyes. The one with a few choice phrases and high blood pressure. The one with tears. Lots of tears. You know what I mean. It's when you want to holler out those two little words....


It could be about relationships or work or ministry or parenting or marriage or personal junk or whatever. And most likely you don't even know what you mean when you say it. It just somehow makes you feel a little better, right?

It could pop up out of nowhere or it could have been knocking on your door for a while. Either way, do me a favor. Take a deep breath and read. Just read.

I WILL NOT QUIT because...

1. It's awkward and gross. In fact, the more awkward and gross it is, the higher the probability you will be staying a while.

2. It's too hard. Some things are meant to be hard. Hard is good. You know what Kelly says... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger....dang that song gets in my head. And makes me want to dance. Maybe if you think it's too hard you should stop everything and dance. I'll bet that will change your mind and make you laugh at the fool you're making of yourself. Guaranteed.

3. You're exhausted. So what? Being tired is not a good enough reason to quit. Go take a nap or a break or a rest if you must, and then get back to it. And if you're not practicing Sabbath, this will be the first sign.

4. You're running from something. Never EVER quit to get away from something. You've lived enough life to know where that road leads. Step up and deal with the issue. Just quit dreading it and analyzing it and 'praying' about it and whining about it and handle it. Now.

5. You're ticked off. See #2. Especially the part about dancing. And it never hurts to practice some good old fashioned grace.

Most of the time it's about long obedience in the same direction.  It's about learning to hang tough and see something through. It's about character.

HOWEVER, there are times when you SHOULD quit. Maybe my next letter will be about that.

 Jenna B.


  1. I like that...'long obedience'.......So good. xx


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