I admit it. I'm a total 'story' geek. Movies, books, movies made from books - it doesn't really matter. 
Sometimes I quote dialogue and recap scenes so much my friends and family just roll their eyes. 
But I like to frame scenes of my life that same way. 
I can't help myself.

Last week, some stuff happened and it reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite stories.

And once again I was reminded.

 Sometimes God sets off fireworks.
Just because He can.

And in those moments I cheer and jump and delight in the one 
who holds my future in his hands, tenderly and skillfully.

And all I can do is just stand with my mouth wide open and adore Him.
Because He is good.

I think He just chuckles and delights 
in the fact that I am delighted.

And I love Him all the more for it.

So the next time God sets some fireworks off for you, let everyone know about it.
And take time to delight in Him.
He delights in you. I promise.


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