THIS GUY said something a while ago that's been following me around and eating my lunch. (He says that too, and I've always wanted to steal it for a blog post, so here you go.)

You've heard about the 5 Love Languages, right? People have been using this concept or a variation of it for years and applying it to everything from marriages to parenting to ministry and even work.

Basically, we all have a love language. It's the way we show love and the way we feel love. When someone speaks our love language, our heart sings. We appreciate the other love languages, but we come alive when someone takes the time to discover our own.

The key to practicing love languages is to discover what makes another person's heart sing and speak that language to them. And it works.

But here's the thing that's been eating my lunch:  


I'll let you in on a little secret. My #1 love language is 'acts of service'. And in my relationship with God, this is how I show love to him. It's the language I speak. It's where I go the extra mile. It's the way I serve him. It's how he made me right? It's.....all about me. Right? Wait.


If I truly want to show God I love Him, shouldn't I be discovering what HIS love language is?

Well, I've been doing some studying. And I think I agree with THIS GUY.

God's love language is TRUST.

When we show God we trust him, his heart sings.

Don't believe me? Look it up for yourself. It's a running theme throughout his Word.

I can check things off of my list all day long, and sometimes God appreciates it. But essentially I'm speaking my own love language. And here's the thing. Stay with me, now.

I realize when I'm performing acts of service (my own love language) I'm doing it to make myself feel good.  

My heavenly Father has buckets and buckets of grace for me. I'm the apple of his eye, and his word says he knows every hair on my head. He delights in me. He honestly doesn't need anything from me, because he's God.

But something magical and mysterious happens when I take time to speak his love language and trust him. I've decided I'm going to speak this language of TRUST to Him. I'm going to do it and see what happens. Even if it eats my lunch.

Want to hear more on this subject? You can hear Shawn's sermons here.


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