When the world tells you to be practical, dutiful, grateful for an average, safe life DON'T LISTEN.
When fear tells you your dream is not defined enough, important enough, big enough DON'T LISTEN
This is Stacy. She's a Doula. I'm so grateful she didn't listen.I could write a thousand words, but this picture does it for me. Can you see it? Can you see what it looks like when passion and strength and excellence come together to make a difference in the lives of others? Can you see what happens when someone is exactly where they are meant to be? Thank you, Stacy, for using your gifts to welcome my grandson. You took fear out of the equation for our family. Thank you for not listening. 
Thank you for taking on the coaching part so I could simply step into the Grandma part. I'm so grateful to Scott and your sons for giving you up for a couple of days. Thank you for investing in our family. Thank you for not listening. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes! That picture is just incredible. What a truly special calling, Stacy. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. Danielle B.

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  3. Beautiful picture. Thank you Krystal. Jenna once again you say it so wonderfully.


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