It's been a long day.

A long, breathtaking day.

After 24 years of marriage, David and I looked into the swollen little peepers of our new grandson and found a place in our hearts we didn't know existed.

His Momma is a rock star.

We decided to take a walk in our neighborhood tonight. Families lined the sidewalks with their plastic lawn chairs, watching bright lights dance and crackle in the street. Dads holding lighters, kids hopping up and down, Mommas sitting next to buckets of water.

Yesterday my heart would have ached for the times when my little boys danced to the light of sparklers under a July moon.

But life and time is a strange and beautiful thing. Tonight there is no ache in my heart for yesterday.

The Lumberjack held my hand as we rounded the last block towards home and we dreamed of a little boy with Benton ears who would sit in our driveway someday and dance to the light of sparklers under a July moon.

Micah David Benton. Born at 1:19pm. 7lbs 4oz of pure perfection.

Happy Birth Day, little man. Happy Birthday, America.


  1. How appropriate that he weighed 7-4! I'm happy to share the day with Micah! Congratulations everyone.



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