If my life is like a book, I'm starting a new chapter. Who am I kidding? I feel like I'm starting a whole new book.

This week I'm experiencing what they call 'an empty nest'. Honestly, that term really annoys me. I've tried to think of a better way to describe it. I've really tried. It sounds like a term used to describe old people who obsess over their pets and talk about their bowel habits and grandkids. It gives off a vibe of loneliness and loss of purpose. A few weeks ago, in preparation for the big 'last kid exodus', I set out to find a better title.

But there isn't one.

My nest feels empty. I have no eggs to sit on. I have no squawking little mouths to feed. No feathery messes to clean up. It's quiet. Sometimes I'm sad, but other times I feel like I'm on vacation. I suppose there isn't really one perfect way to describe it.

I'm realizing I don't really know who Jenna is when she isn't worrying about someone, or taking care of someone, or cleaning up after someone. Actually, I'm excited to get to know her.

So here's to EMPTY NESTS. Here's to quiet mornings and little projects and new books. Here's to hot coffee and good music and new dreams. Here's to a new book, with new characters and new plot twists. Here's to life. May we live each chapter well.


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