I'm learning life is busy. It doesn't matter if you're raising toddlers or sending kids off to college. We all tend to fill the time we have, don't we?
I'm trying to fill my days with things that matter. I want to do a better job at loving people. I want live a better story. I want to do a better job just living.

SOMEDAY is a myth.
I'm tired of living in 'someday'. I'm sick of it.
Someday is today.

I'm excited to share something with you.
I've been wanting to write a book for a while, and now I've officially started writing it.
I've really started it.
A little scary. But mostly cool.

This blog is where I'll be throwing my ideas out there to see what sticks. This is where it will brew and simmer and eventually come to life. Will you help me?

I don't work well alone. I work best in 'community'. I like to talk things out, figure them out, try the words out and rework them and try them again. I need a tribe of friends who will support me. I'm still working out what that interaction will look like, but I'm asking....will you help?


  1. Yes...anytime...for sure....absolutely...did I say 'yes'? ;)


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