I have always had a fascination with keys. As a kid I collected old keys like rare coins, stashing them in a little drawer, turning them about in my hand, dreaming of the doors they unlocked. My great grandmother had a big black metal key; a rough heavy thing that hung from a ribbon and felt cool and heavy in my hand. I remember locking and unlocking her front door many times with this beautiful key. There was something spellbinding about hearing the click-click-thunk as I turned it. Even to this day, if you were to rummage around in my junk drawer at home, you would find random keys that I just can't bring myself to throw away. I have no idea what these keys go to. But for me, a key possesses possibilities and mystery.

I found a key last year. Not a shiny metal key or a big lumpy key on a ribbon. This key contains nine words.

This key forces me to put aside my own ideas and step through a doorway of possibilities much more wild and messy and intense than I could ever dream up. It's changing the way I live my life. It's plunged me into trust and bewilderment and awkwardness and even the very heart of God.

My friend Alicia shared this key with me last year, and now I'm going to share it with you. You can read about her story on her blog, but for now just trust me. This girl is legit.

Are you ready? Here's the key.


Oh, the magical doors this key will open for us. But we must be willing to use this key properly.

Using this key requires that we put aside everything we think we know. We must toss all of our expectations and 'fixes' and pride. We must abandon all judgment and cynicism and baggage. This key is full of pure humility and is marked with authentic servanthood, and when used properly it will shake foundations and cut new paths in the wilderness.

Say it with me now, What do you need and how can I help?

Doesn't that feel cool and heavy in your hand? Can you feel the possibilities and the mystery? Can you imagine the sound of it turning, and the door swinging wide?

May you travel lightly this year, and may you carry this key close to your heart. And may you never fear to use it where it is needed most.


  1. Did you know that Palestinians keep the keys of their old homes back in Israel? The keys get passed from generation to generation. :)

  2. No, I didn't know! Wow. How cool.


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