My Story

My story is made up of a million little stories.

Like the time I recruited childhood friends to dig a massive neighborhood pool in our driveway.
Or the time I stole gum from the little market down the hill and my Dad came up with the most creative punishment ever. How I used to torment my sister with stories of mice beneath our bed. Or my horrid first day of high school. The day I said goodbye to my firstborn and gave her up for adoption. How I met my husband and why I thought he was so hot. The story about the woman who bought my wedding dress. The time I hit a guy on a bicycle and rear-ended a cop, all within 12 hours.The time I was attacked by birds. The morning I spent with a homeless lady who couldn't speak. The day I realized my Mom really is amazing. The stories of ordinary mornings spent snuggling with my 3 little boys, thinking they would never grow up. The stories of sleepless nights, praying for my soldier sons, and hating war. The stories of friendships that were answers to prayers I didn't know I had prayed. The loss of our business, our home, our perspective. The times when I felt hopeless, helpless, lonely. The times when I was overwhelmed by mercy, grace, redemption. The unexpected. The crazy. The freak-me-out, make me pitty, super weird, wet-my-pants-they're-that-funny stories. So many stories.

And all of them lead me in the direction of a God who knows me and calls me by name.

His story is the only one worth telling; the only one worth living.

And sometimes telling HIS STORY means life gets AWKWARD. I am determined to jump into awkward and embrace it.

I want my story to point to His Story. With every chapter and every awkward page of my life, I will seek out and live my part in His story.

(photo credit: Mike Williams, Focused Up Photography)


  1. I just found your blog and I am loving it! I love your honesty and your sense of humor...I can't wait to read more!


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