I shared this little ditty with my small group a while back. It was written something like this.
(I'm sorry I don't know who wrote the inspired original, but if I find it again I'll come back and add credit here)

Mom: Hey buddy, can I tell you a secret?
Son: Yes.
Mom: (whispers) I love you.
Son: Hey Mom, can I tell you a secret?
Mom: Yes.
Son: (whispers) I'm Batman.

I have an old picture of 7 year-old Batman.

He's wearing a mask and a blue blanket cape,
with a plastic sword in his hand
and cowboy boots on the wrong feet.

And I remember watching out my kitchen window as he fought crime and saved the world from certain peril. I knew that I would never love my son more than I did in those moments; his boundless imagination, his noble dreams, his heroic heart.

I can't help but wonder what God feels
when I take the time to dream
and imagine
and tell Him my secrets.


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